A Ministry of the Church of Christ

The Church of Christ is also referred to as the “Body of Christ”, “Church of Jesus Christ” and “Church of God”, along with other Biblical names. There is only one Church. The Church that Jesus Christ founded according to God’s will in the first century.

The Church is made up of Disciples that obey God through Jesus Christ. They listen to His voice and following the Word of God (The Bible).

Word of God
Followers of Jesus Christ, Obey the Word of God.

History of the Churches of Christ

In Acts chapter 2 of the Holy Scriptures (The Bible) Peter the Apostle was used by God to establish His church. A Church that remains from that day. A Church that has thrived throughout history. Through famine, massive wars, oppression and the pressure of changing culture. His Church will always thrive. Always be there until His return to take faithful followers to Heaven. 

The History of the Churches of Christ dates back to around AD 33. Jesus Christ was unjustly crucified on the Cross of Calvary. He rose three days later and spent time with His disciples until He ascended into Heaven. The Church of Christ has been actively preaching His word ever since.

Do you know Him? Have you read His word?